We make Off-campus Housing easy!

At RoomChazer, we feel like off-campus housing could be really easy and enjoyable if it was a tiny bit more organized and trustworthy than Craigslist and Facebook.

So we’ve been on a mission to build the Airbnb of Student Housing to bring minimum standards and some transparency to the industry! Imagine having access to verified listings, verified roommates, an official contract, and a network of local Housing Advisors who can give you insider tips and make sure you pick the right place and right roommates!

We are not backed-up by investors yet, we are a small team, and we need your support and constructive feedback to continue improving our platform and our services.

“We are creating a network of great places and great roommates to make off-campus housing easy, transparent & reliable!”

Good questions to ask
Does RoomChazer own the properties?

RoomChazer does not own the properties and RoomChazer is not your landlord. You are signing a roommate lease agreement with RoomChazer.

Who is rent paid to?

You pay your share of the rent to the landlord via RoomChazer.

How are deposits refunded?

The law in California is that deposit should be refunded within 21 days.We are proud to have a quicker than average turn-around time – you can get your deposit back in 3 to 5 business days by check, bank deposit, Paypal, or international transfer!

Is RoomChazer right for you?
Are you a student, an intern, or a fresh’ graduate?

Then yes, RoomChazer is perfect for you. You’ll get to live with other students, interns, and recently graduate students.

Are you okay with chores and some rules?

We ask all our roommates to participate in all basics household chores and to respect basic guest/behavior rules so that there is no need to fight about the little things.

Do you want to become friends with your roommates?

RoomChazer is building a community of reliable, respectful, and friendly roommates. Our goal is to offer roommates a pleasant housing experience. When you are friends with your roommates, it is definitely easier to have a good experience.

A Word from the Founder

I was born and raised in France and came to the United States as an international student to study civil engineering at Grossmont College. That’s when I got the idea for my first company San Diego Student Housing. I had sadly realized that Craigslist was a terrible place to find housing – too many crazy people, no rules, no shame, total lack of morals and respect.

With the success of San Diego Student Housing as a small local company, I decided to shoot for a bigger goal – creating the Airbnb of Student Housing – so that students all over the World can find a great place with great roommates all online. That’s how the RoomChazer project got started!

The main challenges so far have been working with landlords who are not always pro-active and with roommates who have very different expectations. But I’m confident that by providing more transparency, more accountability, and more professionalism, RoomChazer is on the right track to change the way off-campus housing is done!

Thanks for your support!

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