How do we do roommate matching?

That is the #1 question everybody has on their mind! How do we do roommate matching?! We’d love to be able to say – we have a roommate form and a magical algorithm that will match you with 3 perfectly matching roommates. But that would be lying. We cannot guarantee it will all click together. Who can? Is it really possible to guess who will get along and who won’t? Even best friends sometimes make terrible roommates. So yes, roommate matching is super important for everybody and yet it is the most difficult aspect to control. This being said, by working upstream, we can lay foundations for it to all click together. Then it’s up to each roommate to give in, open up, compromise, be open-minded to make it all work and have a good time together.

How we lay foundations for roommate matching:

  • Roommate profile– When applying for a room at a place, you can double check the roommate’s profiles and assess whether it will be a good fit for you. If it’s not a perfect fit, are you ready to make some compromise?
  • Refer your friends/find your own roommates– If a place does not have any roommate yet, book your room, and then look for roommates. You’ll have a chance to look for profile that are a better match for you and you’ll get $50 for each roommate your refer!
  • Disclosing roommate conflicts– If a roommate wants to book a room at your place and we notice some basic roommate conflicts ( sleeping schedule, smoking habits, cleaning habits), we will let each roommate know ahead of time that these may be issues and suggestions on how to make daily life easier
  • Having rules– Having a set of rules definitely help make everybody accountable and not fight bout such simple things as getting the trash out or cleaning your dishes. You have to do it period.

What is sure is that if you decide to live with roommates, you will have to make compromises and be open-minded. San Diego is a multi-cultural hub attracting people from all over the World and all over the United States. From Germany to Brazil, from rural Kansas to hustling New York, from muslims to catholics, from non-binary people to old fashion machos! This is a reality. Keeping an open-mind and knowing that everything will not go your own way is the best way to have a great experience. It’s part of the game!! And it’s a great life experience too despite the painful moments.

Our take on it: Best case, you make great friends. Worst case, you just can’t stand living there and you start the take-over process. Be patient, somebody will take-over your room and you’ll be free to look for another place. To know more about the take-over process, read this article – Starting the Take-over Process.


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