How to Book a Room?

Booking a room on RoomChazer is slightly different than booking a room via a traditional Leasing Office. We’ve simplified the process to make it more student-friendly:

  1. The whole booking process is completed online.
  2. You pay an application fee after you are approved. If you do not get approved, you do not pay anything.
  3. We do not run credit checks.
  4. We look at all financial resources combined including financial aid, savings, part-time jobs, cosigners’ funds, I-20 or DS-2019 for international students and scholars.

Also good to know– You pay your application fee once. You can then book any room within your approval limit on RoomChazer. You can live one semester close to school, go back home for the Summer, then come back and book a room by the beach. You can also start with a shared bedroom the first year and then upgrade to a private bedroom the second. You won’t have to pay other application fees.

Here is how to book a room on RoomChazer:

  1. Create a RoomChazer Account at
  2. Scroll through the rooms available and check the roommates profiles. If you find something you like, click on the blue “Request Room” button.
  3. Write a message to your Housing Advisor and Submit your request.
  4. While waiting for your Housing Advisor to get back to you, complete your Application Form in your RoomChazer dashboard.
  5. Send in a copy of your passport or US driver license to prove your identity
  6. Send in proof of financial support – savings/checking account, financial aid, pay stub, job offer letter, I-20 or DS-2019 for international students, or your cosigner’s documents.
  7. Send in proof of school enrollment, internship, or job offer.

The approval process is super fast- It typically takes 24 hours to get approved from the time you’ve sent all your documents in. We’ve had students able to book their room in 24 hours when everything was done in a timely manner. If you do not get approved the first time around, you will be asked to provide more documents.

You will be approved up to a certain limit, let’s say $900/month. From there, your Housing Advisor can activate a contract for you, on any room up to $900/month. All is done online. You will be able to pay your Application Fee online and then your Refundable Deposit online, by check, Zelle payment, Wells Fargo/Chase direct deposit, or international wire transfer via

After paying your Refundable Deposit, your room is officially booked! Here is an article about how to get ready for moving-in.


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