Is it only for students?

Off-campus housing is not very regulated. It’s about finding a room in the right place for the right price off Craigslist or Facebook. When you are going to Mesa College or City College, and there is no on-campus housing nor any organized off-campus housing services, it’s not always easy to find the right place, the right price, and the right roommates. That is also why we created RoomChazer. We specialize in housing for students and interns, as well as fresh graduates who are just starting at a job, and students taking a year off to get residency status. So our residents are typically in the 18-28y.o range. At times, we also have units with older students 30+.

We do not put restrictions on the school you are attending, it could be a Community College ( Mesa college, City College, Miramar College, Grossmont College), one of the big Colleges ( SDSU, UCSD, or USD), one of the smaller private universities ( National University, Alliant International University, Point Loma Nazarene University, California International business University – CIBU), or even any of the english language schools in town ( ALI at SDSU, Connect English, SDUIS, Q International school, Converse international School of language, College of English Language, the ACE program at Grossmont College, and all the other ones).

RoomChazer is about building a safe community of great places and great roommates. If you think you could fit in, we wanna hear from you and connect you with roommates who could be a great match for you! Click here to create your roommate profile on


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