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Thanks for giving us a chance to help you with housing and roommates! We typically reply to all our emails within 24 hours (except on week-ends). In the meantime, check us out and follow us on Instagram @roomchazer. Content is provided by some of our roommates who share the ins and outs of life as a student or intern in San Diego.

And we also do give-aways every week! Nothing fancy, but in these times of confinement, job losses, etc…little things are appreciated, right? (Note to future readers: This article was written during the stay-at-home order due to the Coronavirus pandemic). So watch out for our Free Coffee give-aways to help you get through the week!

Want to support a local coffee shop instead of Starbucks? We are all for it!!! If you win, simply let us know your favorite local coffee place and we’ll order your drink online or by phone!!☕️🤩

Find us on Instagram @roomchazer and on Facebook! Thanks for your support, for tagging us, for commenting. It will help us grow and get one step closer to becoming the Airbnb of Student Housing!


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  • Thanks for connecting!


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