Presenting a Great Roommate – Meredith

Great Roommates are so important to RoomChazer! Without great Roommates, we can’t have Great Places! Great Roommates are friendly, respectful, and they make sure to report issues as they arise so their place remain functional and welcoming!

Turning a great place into a trashed place can be really easy with “not so great” roommates – stains on the carpet , hole in walls, clogged toilet, clogged drains, dirty dishes, overflowing trash cans, roaches, ants, extra guests, thefts, parties, cops, etc…It can go south really quickly! It takes some basic discipline to keep a place functional and welcoming. Today, we are highlighting one of our great roommates – Meredith!

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Let’s hear from Meredith , her experience in San Diego and her thoughts on living with roommates!

Why did you come to San Diego? What are you doing in San Diego?

I came to San Diego to go to an affordable out of state school (San Diego City College) and eventually transfer to a film school. My top two transfer choices are UCLA and Cal State Northridge.

How does San Diego fit in your bigger plans? What do you want to become?

I want to become a writer/director of film. California is the promise land for filmmakers. However, I cannot afford out of state tuition so I decided to get my associates degree at City College while working on my California state residency. Hopefully after achieving both of those I’ll be able to transfer to a formal university.

Which neighborhood do you live in?

I currently live on Kendall street in Pacific Beach, 11 blocks from the Pacific Ocean!

What do you like the most about your place?

I love the youthful and hippie vibe of living so close to the ocean. Specifically, I’m obsessed with my balcony which faces west. I can watch the sunset every night or lay out and catch a tan during the day.

What makes a great roommate in your opinion?

Be considerate! It’s really easy to be a good roommate, just clean up after yourself and be quiet. Remember it’s not your house or their house but a shared space that you need to take care of.

What makes a terrible roommate?

Someone with irregular sleeping patterns, staying up late talking on the phone or listening to music is frustrating on school nights. Also, no one wants to be woken up at five am by a roommates alarm that they keep hitting snooze on. One more frustration I have, never cleaning up messes. Leaving a mess for one day doesn’t bother me but it can be uncomfortable to come home from a long school day to a dirty house and waiting for the other person to clean it up.

What is your FAVORITE spot to hang out at in San Diego?!!

As someone from the midwest all I’ve known are flat cornfields of Indiana. San Diego has so many beautiful hiking areas and trails. When city life gets overwhelming I like to find a new hiking trail. My favorite is Torrey Pines, which has it all hills, the beach, beautiful native plants, and of course the lovely native Torrey Pine.

Thanks Meredith!

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