Starting the Take-Over Process

Getting out of your lease and starting the take-over process is built in the heart of our business model. We understand that students need flexibility – one semester in San Diego, one semester studying abroad in Italy, back home for junior year, and then driving cross country for a Summer internship. Signing a strict 12-month lease is not ideal for students, that is why we offer as many semester contracts as possible and also offer all our students the possibility to start a take-over process.

How does the Take-over process work? If you are going to need to move-out before the end of your contract, contact your Housing Advisor. Communicating with your Housing Advisors and your roommates will be super helpful during the process.

  1. Complete your take-over form in the Moving-out tab of your dashboard
  2. Tell your Housing Advisor that you completed it
  3. If you want to move-out because you do not like the place or the roommates, your Housing Advisor may ask a couple extra questions. It can take 2-4 weeks to feel at home and find a balance when you move in a new place with new roommates.
  4. Your Housing Advisor will activate your booking and your room will be available to book online.
  5. Tell your roommates that if they have a friend looking for housing, your spot will be available. Your network and your roommates’ network is often the best way to find a take-over.
  6. Start advertising your bedroom on Craigslist, Facebook, and any other platform you know of
  7. Be patient and check/update your posts daily.

Do you have to pay rent even though you have already moved-out? Yes, you remain responsible for payments on your room until somebody takes-over for you. We are here to help as well and will try to rent your room out when students contact us, but it is important that you spread the word as well!

Typically with take-overs, we have 2 type of students – those who procrastinate and those who are on top of it. You’ll have to be on top of if you want it to work. We are here to help, but please do not rely on us only! Let us know as soon as possible, advertise as much as possible, spend 5 minutes every day on social media commenting and posting and reaching out to people.

Also good to know – there are good seasons and bad seasons for take-overs. May, June, July, August, September and January are typically the easiest months to find a take-over because there is a lot of students and intern arriving in town. November and December are the worst months. February, March, and April are so-so.

And last important thing to know is that we have to find a great roommate as well. We won’t be available to accept somebody who cannot get financially approved or has a bad tenant history. Out of respect for your roommates, we’ll have to find them another decent roommate to live with.

Want to start the Take-over process? Contact your Housing Advisor!!


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