The Great Roommate Program

The Great Roommate Program is at the core of what makes RoomChazer the best Off-campus Housing Platform. Without great roommates, we can’t have great places, and we can’t have happy residents. That’s what we’ve realized very quickly. You can get the nicest place in town….if the roommates are not able to communicate together, set rules, respect the rules, and care for each other…very quickly it becomes a terrible place with a sink full of dishes, stains on the carpet, roommates fighting, etc… Everybody is trapped in a vicious cycle of nobody caring, nobody respecting anything, roommates moving-out, etc… 😩. So sad. It does not have to turn this way!

So what is our Great Roommate Program? It’s a work for rent program. We give you a rent credit to preach the Good Roommate vibe! Here is what students selected for our Great Roommate Program have to do in exchange for a rent credit:

  • Be Friendly, Communicative, and Inclusive: You must be open-minded, tolerant, interested in learning about your new roommates, be a role-model and show positive leadership. One great roommate can change the whole vibe of a place. We count on you to be that person who lifts everybody up.
  • Be on top of things: A Great place does not stay great if it’s not taken care off. Each roommate has to participate in – Dishes must be done, floors must be swept, toilet must be cleaned, etc….”Discipline is freedom”. If everybody does their part, life together is way easier and frictionless! Your job is NOT to be a cop, but to lead by example.
  • Be an Ambassador for San Diego, your school, and RoomChazer: Talk with newcomers on Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, post pictures and videos of life in San Diego and going to your school, so that newcomers feel excited about their arrival in town and not as anxious, especially those who do not know anybody.

RoomChazer can only be as good as the roommates on our platform, so if you think that you would naturally make a Great Roommate, we want to hear from you! Click here to Apply to become a Great Roommate!!!


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