Am I locked in my lease?

When you go to school, we understand you may appreciate having a flexible lease. You may wanna go back home during the Summer, get an internship in New York or maybe go Study Abroad in Italy? Or you actually are on your Study Abroad over here just for a semester or getting a Summer internship. Well, there are so many reasons students appreciate flexible lease terms.

At RoomChazer, we understand that and do our best to bring you flexible lease terms. If you book early, you’ll get a lot of choice in semester contract terms. Since they are quite popular, they tend to get booked out the fastest.

If you do book a contract that does not perfectly fit your moving-in/moving-out date, we offer you the possibility to list your room as a take-over so that somebody can move-in your room and you do not have to pay for your room after you move-out. The earlier you start working on it, the higher your chances of finding someone to take over for you.

Heads-up: The person taking over your room needs to be approved as well. We do not want to start letting random people move-in. We want to keep it to qualified roommates who will fit in, behave, and not create havoc for your roommates.

So while you are stuck in whichever lease term you book, you do have the option to find somebody to take-over your contract. We will also help you out by letting people who contact us know about your room for rent. By working together, we are very often able to make it work :).


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