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If you don’t want to live on-campus or if your school does not offer housing, you’ll most likely have to use Craigslist or Facebook to find roommates. Craigslist’s sketchy. Facebook is not that great either. That is why we are working on RoomChazer to make off-campus student housing easy, safe, and reliable.

Our goal is to build the Airbnb of Student Housing!

Need a place? Need roommates?

Give RoomChazer a try! The process to book is student-friendly and all-online. Your Resident Advisor will be there to help you pick the right place. You'll only be responsible for your part of the rent!

Did you know that? On RoomChazer, if your roommates don't pay rent, you do not have to pay their share nor get evicted with them!

How to book a Room
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